Our Technology


Neutralizing Odor At Its Source

Our passion for hunting led us to create a better scent control product. We wanted to stop odor...not simply cover it up. To stop odor we knew it was imperative we reinvent the concept of scent control.

So we started with how human odor occurs.

Human odor is a perceived unpleasant smell our bodies can give off when bacteria on the skin breaks down sweat into acids. Since the average human has three to four million sweat glands sweating comes easily to most of us. And there’s a pretty good possibility that hiking to the ridge line to glass for elk or climbing into the tree stand is going to produce sweat. Bacteria turns your sweat into acids that produce a smell. And that smell is a red flag to big game.

Powered by the proprietary performance of Neutra-plex, Carbon Skin’s revolutionary process absorbs and neutralizes human odor at its source – the skin’s surface. Our technology combines microcapsules of absorbing enzymes with a uniform wall of antibacterial to neutralize human odor.

Carbon Skin is not a mask or containment of human odor. Instead Carbon Skin neutralizes odor formation on the skin’s surface. When it comes to a hunter’s scent only Carbon Skin Stops It Where It Starts!



Solving the Scent ‘Problem

Hunters hate scent. A hunters disdain for scent is understandably justified. A whiff of human odor puts a grazing elk or whitetail instantly onto high alert possibly blowing the chance for a shot. Worse still human scent is powerful enough to turn game away, even before they can be seen.

Bow hunters were the earliest adopters of scent control products over twenty years ago. Today all hunters recognize the benefits of a solid scent control regime.

With the introduction of the new Carbon Skin products line hunters now have a superior scent control system at their disposal. Carbon Skin is like nothing else on the market today.

With the help of scientists we identified an antimicrobial with these attributes:

  • Effective Quickly
  • Full Day Protection
  • Mild on Skin
  • Odorless
  • Cost Effective

We paired the antimicrobial with an odor neutralizer. To determine if the neutralizer really worked we saturated two terry towel squares with tobacco smoke using 2 cigarettes in a closed cabinet for 20 minutes. More than enough scent to spook any wall hanger. Lab testing results showed concentrations of less than 1% of our neutralizer reduced odor better than any other product we tested. Finally we added an organic deodorizer to further fight human scent.

Combining the antimicrobial, odor neutralizer and organic deodorizer is the compound known as Neutra-Plex, the basis of all Carbon Skin products. Unlike anything the competition sells Carbon Skin stops scent where it starts...on your skin.

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