About Us


We are hunters. We are anglers. We are passionate about the outdoors.

Hunting or fishing occasionally provides a little time on your hands. It’s a great opportunity to think. We think about hunting. A lot. We took a hard look at all aspects of the hunt. Soon it was clear that scent control was prime for a new level of performance.

Taking on scent control is no easy task. We started in the laboratory moved to the field, back into the lab and in the field again. The result is Carbon Skin Products. And we’re stoked!

If you’re passionate about the outdoors, fishing and hunting you’ll appreciate how effectively Carbon Skin Products perform. There’s nothing else like it in the field.

Scope out our products, watch a video, follow us on social media, read about the successes and share the stoke.

Where did the name Carbon Skin come from?
The lotion was the first product we developed. In trial use we realized we were adding a second layer of ‘skin’ to our bodies. The lotion is free forming and strong...just like carbon. And that’s how the name came to be.
Why is the laundry bottle small?
For convenience and efficient storage. Large laundry bottles can be hard to pour and they take up a ton of space especially if you are traveling for an extended time. A single cap full is all you need for an entire load of field wear.
Where did the idea for Glow Smoke come from?
We were in Kentucky for a hunt. Carrying our climber and setting up in the dark was a challenge. When we settled in it was dark but with a light breeze. We pulled out a competitor’s wind checker. Couldn’t tell which way the wind was blowing. Using a flashlight to see the checker’s puff was out of the question. From that moment we knew there had to be a better way and that became Glow Smoke.
How do I ‘charge’ my Glow Smoke when I first receive it?
As you might guess it’s pretty dark for a bottle of Glow Smoke during shipping. When your Glow Smoke first arrives from our warehouse we recommend leaving the bottle outdoors in daylight for a couple hours. This activates the glowing particulates. Once in the field a good 10 minute flashlight charge in your pocket should be all you need to check the wind direction even in low or no light conditions.
Does Fish-Be-Gone really work?
Heck yeah! Fish smell, diesel fuel you name it. In fact we haven’t found a smell it doesn’t work on.
How do I use the Lotion?
Rub it liberally all over your body...everywhere.
What should I use to wash my hair?
Carbon Skin Body Scrub can be worked into the hair and scalp with outstanding scent elimination results.

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